Dry Rot

Dry rot repair in Brixham

The ability to progress extensively through a property, destroying the timbers’ natural goodness is what makes dry rot dangerously unique. Contact us for resolutions.
Dry rot treatment

Dry rot treatment

Depending upon the property type, many factors have to be taken into consideration while carrying out dry rot treatment. 

The specialist technicians at Dampco have the skills, qualifications, craftsmanship to undertake the rot treatments with an effective solution to your dry rot problem. Mostly, these areas are unseen or otherwise the wood rot has already progressed into an advanced state when detected. Therefore, it is essential to identify the issue at its earliest opportunity.
Removing layers of dirt

Our dry rot repair service

  • Locating the affected area
  • Removing layers of dirt 
  • Eliminating fungal growth
  • Apply chemical barriers on and around the timber
  • Remove the damaged timber and replace if possible
Our professional dry rot service begins with a thorough inspection conducted by a qualified surveyor. For an estimate on our services, get in touch with our experts.
To understand the process of our dry rot treatment in detail, call Dampco in Brixham today on
01803 859 303

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