Rising Damp

Does your property in Brixham need rising damp treatment?

All houses stand on damp soil. Rising damp happens when water from the ground rises up the house walls and normally evaporates above a few feet up. The walls act as a sponge. Penetrating damp is where rain comes in via the roof or through the walls and may rectified by a builder or roofer.
rising damp
rising damp control
Loose wall paper
Dampness at the bottom of the walls only
Perished plaster breaking up
Salts on surface of walls
Rotten skirting and rotting timber floors
Damp in summer as well as winter

Destruction of wallpaper and decorations
Ruining of clothes and shoes
Damp and smelly housing conditions
Asthma, dust mites - poor health
Rotting of structural timbers / skirting
Encouragement of dry rot, wet rot, wood weevils, woodworm and death watch beetle

A qualified surveyor can normally distinguish between the different causes of dampness
Wrong diagnosis leads to un-necessary expense
Many damp proofing cowboys will try to carry out unnecessary work.

Injection of permanent chemical damp proof courses
Tanking areas below ground level
Remove all perished plaster and replastering with a warm, lightweight renovation plaster to dry wall out
Replace and treat damaged timbers - skirting and wooden floors

Dampco is a member of the BWPDA and PCA so conforms to government legislation
We uphold the Control of Pesticides Act's basic principles
Chemicals will only be handled by trained staff
Care will be taken to contain spillages and ensure chemicals do not pollute the environment
Chemicals will not be used without good cause
Human health and safety are paramount
Non chemical methods of treatment will be adopted wherever economically possible.

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